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Discount! Craving Freedom - The R4 Method to Alternative Weightloss

This explorative course focuses on fulfillment with powerful techniques and a gentle approach that enable you to overcome your unhealthy relationship with food, beat cravings, and transform your life.

The course will help you to:

  • Understand your triggers
  • Beat food cravings
  • Achieve optimum health
  • Find food serenity



This inspiring course creates the foundations for your transformative journey to freedom from food cravings, peace of mind, weight loss and good health. 

This is not a weight loss guide or a meal plan resource. I firmly believe that diets do not work! Instead, this course is an explorative journey towards establishing a healthy, happy relationship with food, your body and your mindset.

If you commit to following this course and using the resources provided you will lose weight by default.

Module 1 Let's start from scratch

Module 2 Identify the saboteur 

Module 3 Satisfy your hunger 

Module 4 Nourish your whole body

Module 6 Celebrate you

Module 7 For the journey

Module 8 Meaningful connections


Audio Tracks & Visualisations

The visualisations are designed and created with your needs in mind, organised in a way that follows the exercises and works within each module we have suggested a visualisation for each step of the way. These are there as an extra tool for you to utilise for your own success and healing process. They can be listened to in order or used as and when you feel you need them. Designed to fit together as a dedicated programme they are equally effective on their own. These powerful exercises could be the key to unlocking the true potential within this journey for you and creating the recovery and healing you are aiming for.

Module 1 – Embodiment – Connect to The Body.

Module 2 – Connecting to The Inner Saboteur

Module 3 – The Empowered Self

Module 4 – Hypnosis & NLP for Weight Loss  

Module 5 – Positive Self Image Visualisation

Module 6 – Emotional Freedom

Module 7 – Overcome Addiction with Self Acceptance.

Module 8 - Bonus – Pain into Resilience  – extra support

8 Audios  in total 

Corresponding Worksheets 

The worksheets correspond to individual modules as follows:

Module 1 - I'm Worthy Exercise

Module 2 - Triggers and Coping Skills sheet, Body Acceptance sheet, Self Care = Self Love sheet

Module 3 - Combat Cravings Action Plan

Module 4 - Meal Planning Sheet

Module 5 - Daily Check-In Practice, Protective Factors sheet

Module 6 - Gratitude Exercises, Empowering Affirmations

Take control of your life, reclaim the wellbeing and joy you deserve and remove the feelings of shame, guilt and regret.