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Worldwide, at least 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese.


So many of people are struggling with being able to manage and maintain a healthy weight. People are living with the realities of this epidemic each and every day. It might be blamed on the growth of convenience or so-called ‘fast food’, or it could be something to do with growing consumerism or pressure from advertising. We could talk all day about the multiple failed diets, the yo-yo dieting, and even the emotional eating that we can be prone to. All of these factors play a part, but there is a deeper, more complex reason why so many of people struggle with obesity.


"Being a Personal trainer and life coach for over 15 years. I am always looking to acquire more knowledge to help my clients and friends towards a healthier and stronger wellbeing. I was impressed by the approaches in this course that could help clients stop self-sabotaging and have used most to great effect. As a result of new approaches I have gained more clients through referrals and recognize there is a need . Bunmi is an amazing mentor, guiding you patiently through the course and being available for questions at all times. I can only recommend this course to everyone."

Alex B
Personal Trainer

"I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 11 years and run two PT studios in East London. I take a holistic and long term approach to working with a range of people in different circumstances with different issues.  I’m keen to develop skills in complementary health and well being areas and to better support my clients whom present food addiction issues.  This course provided the right platform to do so. The content is extensive, but broken down well into bite size chunks.  It’s well presented and ever so interesting, with spin off reading and learning.  I’m already changing my outlook and approach to helping my clients make long term positive changes as I am receiving really positive feedback. Interestingly enough I have taken this online with my clients which gives me a quite a bit more time to be at home with my young son and at the same time increasing my revenue which is fantastic."

Co-founder Personal Training Boutique and FIT CITY

"Dr. Aboaba is a joy to work with! She is passionate about the subject matter of food addiction and helping those who struggle with it, and it shows through the creation of her Food Addiction program. This online certification program is one-of-a-kind in the health industry and is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to become a successful Certified Food Addiction Coach. The program can be completed at your own pace, which I really liked. This made it manageable and easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle as an entrepreneur and Holistic Health Coach. I also appreciated the top-notch level of support Dr. Aboaba provided as I was working through the program. If you’re looking for a way to integrate the topic of food addiction into your health practice in a way that is streamlined and manageable, the Food Addiction program is your solution. "

Kristen J
Holistic Health Coach

About Dr Bunmi


Dr Bunmi Aboaba is a Recovery Coach specialising in Food Addiction, helping clients to achieve a healthy relationship with food to meet long-term health goals.

Dr Bunmi’s work with Food Addiction clients covers the full spectrum of disordered eating,
including overeating , compulsive eating, emotional eating, addicted eating and other associated

The holistic approach to healing and weight loss has been invaluable to those clients who have really struggled to initially lose weight and then maintain healthy and stable eating patterns.
Dr Bunmi is the creator of the first Certified Food Addiction Certification to support nutritionists,
personal trainers, dietitians and clinicians in understanding and adopting a person-centred
approach which tackles the root causes of food, and other associated addictions and disorders to help their clients achieve long-lasting and effective results.

For too many years, the cycle of diets and broken resolutions have caused emotional suffering
and harm to those clients of the wellness professions that require a more comprehensive method
of support from the professionals that serve them.

Dr Bunmi’s Certification equips professionals with the skills required to spot, and manage Food
Addiction in partnership with their clients. Imagine achieving better client results and a stronger
reputation, referrals and a growing professional practice, as a result of more effective work with
clients. Combining a keen eye for clinical practice, with a warm and emotionally-intelligent
approach to client results, the Certification programme enables you, the professional to offer a
more comprehensive range of services to your client, growing additional revenue streams as a
result of deeper client work.


The food addiction coach training course


A business enhancing course for Health and Wellness Coaches


Aimed at anyone in the health and wellness industry, this course is ideal for those who are seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition and take full advantage of the significant growth that the industry is currently experiencing.

Whether you are a Therapist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Weight Loss Consultant, Health Coach, Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Life Coach, Addiction Coach or Doctor, The Food Addiction Coaching Course will provide you with business enhancing skills that can help increase your client base and resulting revenue stream.



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